The Technology, Media and Entertainment is one where change is a constant. Financial risk process of working on capitalizations and other forms of financing, we rely on extensive valuation experience in traditional and digital entertainment media, including film, television, videogame, publishing, music, transmedia Internet services and content, computer software, technology and in other industries, such as the field of sports


"A new world of content Interactivity, digitization, multiple-platforms, multiple-devices possibilities"

  • Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry is in a transformation phase as both old and new continues to coexist and globalization of services is remodeling the media and entertainment based landscape
  • Year after year, digital revenues account for a larger share of the industry’s total revenue. By 2023, it’s expected that digital revenues will account for over 60% of total revenue in the media and entertainment industry
  • The Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry has multiple segments that combine into one vertical; Film movies;Sport (live, post event broadcast), Virtual reality and augmented reality content, Gaming platform distribution, Video On Demand, Streaming for all contents, Pay TV, OTT (« over-the-top »), Online pay apps that distributes media content, New devices (internet Boxes, connected drones), Telecom distribution technologies -5G; IOT (Internet Of Thing: device connected and interacted via internet), interactive technologies and apps for Smartphone/Tablets, SmartTVs, Gaming – video game development, Digital media content marketing, All paid content distribution activities over the Internet, Pay per click service


We help Techno-Media entertainment compagnies at various stages of their development and frequently support Lenders and Funders’ portfolio. We welcome proposals from technology and non-technology companies seeking $1 to $5 million in capital to fund growth plans and projects.
Key attributes Borrowers' deal flow:
  • Franchise TME sector
  • High free cash flow
  • Above market growth TME prospects
  • Diverse sources of profitability
  • Leading management teams
  • Appropriate capital structure

TME partners help small mid size private companies to expand their access to capital in order to accelerate growth, build value and provide risk capital to fill their debt to equity financing “gap”.

  • TME partners provide Fund raising advisory services across the full range of Mezzanine debt financing.
  • TME partners interacts closely with Alternative Funds, Private equity Funds, High net worth investors, Family offices, Institutional Investors
  • On an ongoing basis we have a good understanding of their culture, functioning, investment philosophy and preferences which facilitate the most appropriate investor-company fit, thus delivering the best value.

On the debt side, TME partners arranges securitisation, project debt, mezzanine financing. Our Debt assistance involves:

  • Assessing the capital structures of our clients
  • Advising clients on the suitability of particular fund investors
  • Building a funding strategy and assisting in the Business valuation
  • Assisting negotiation towards successful transaction closure
Targets, debt assistance services