Investment Platform

We are setting up "TMEI" a Luxembourg alternative financing platform integrating a suite of Mezzanine Financing suite, including SVP companies + SVP securitization fund + umbrella RAIF-SICAV. This project is ongoing.
Our "TMEI RAIF" - umbrella Fund works with top-TPE or Debt fund performing managers. The key objective of our fund portfolio construction process is to select the best available debt / equity investment opportunities, while providing clients with appropriate diversification.
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Alternative lenders consist of a wide range of non-bank institutions with different strategies including private debt, mezzanine, opportunity and distressed debt. Investors range from large asset managers diversifying into alternative debt to smaller funds newly set up by ex-investment professionals.
We can assist the TME companies to structure their SPV - Special Purpose Vehicles / Off balance sheet for:
  • Isolating financial risk
  • Tax savings
  • Providing direct ownership of a specific asset.
  • Getting access to capital at the vehicle level (since it doesn’t have the same credit as the sponsor).
  • Minimizing Market to Market accounting rules if an asset is sold and thus impacts the TME ’s balance sheet.
Luxembourg Securitization allows credit originators (our Fund lenders) to remove some of the risk in their portfolio and move it to another party.
  • A selected Luxembourg Manco will set up the SPV in order to purchase the asset and keep it off TME balance sheet too.
  • Remove assets from the balance sheet and improve asset/liability management.
  • The securitization can help TME originator / borrower SPV company to
  • Reduction in required capital
  • As well as Investors seeking for
  • Mitigation of event risk
  • Lower issuing costs
  • Superior return
  • Liquidity
  • Diversification
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Our Luxembourg “TMEI” RAIF fund is a vehicle of choice for TME debt fund managers and investors looking to combine contractual freedom and short time to market together with both the protection of the AIFMD framework and the RAIF Law and the marketability of an investment vehicle benefiting from the EU passport.

Our RAIF is compartmentalised into an umbrella structure with several sub-funds, lenjoy the same generous tax benefits under Luxembourg law as funds that are fully regulated by the CSSF.

  • By co-investing with successful fund managers alongside their funds, our RAIF it targets innovative TME SMEs and Mid-Caps in their expansion and internationalisation phase, often seeking debt/equity.
  • Our Co-Investment Program is to proactively source investment opportunities by leveraging strategic relationships with a select group of other fund managers and following the development of value-driving portfolio companies through the partnership portfolio monitoring process.
  • There are many reasons for managers to offer coinvestment rights and these typically include: Enabling to manage its exposure on the underlying loan by spreading the risk between the main fund and the co-investors
  • Offering investors potentially higher returns through the ability to co-invest.
  • Allowing investors to obtain direct deal access to buildup their expertise and knowledge.